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How to Be Better at Esports

There is no doubt that esports have really taken off in the last few years. What started as a relatively niche area of the gaming market has now become big business because of the involvement of sports betting firms. These big online betting sites have drawn more attention from outside the usual demographic – and pump money into new and bigger events.


There are plenty of gamers out there who are quite content with their own favorites, without taking up the likes of League of Legends, CS:GO, or Dota 2. But if you are interested in playing these titles – or improving your esports skills – take a look at our guide to betting better and being more competitive.


Forbind online


It is not completely universal, but most gamers enjoy playing online these days. There is the question of the kind of ‘commentary’ that can be experienced online – especially for younger players – but there is a good community to be found. Playing this way can also improve your skills.


Playing online, especially as part of a team, can help you make split-second decisions in a better manner. The pressure of being relied on by others can up your game and make you a better prospect for esports. Your communication skills will also improve if you are regularly playing with others.


Invest in Gear


This is not supposed to sound like an unpaid advert. But if you want to play better, sometimes you do need to invest. Aside from making sure that you have an up-to-date PC or console for the best speed, you can also do a lot to give yourself a boost by improving the tech in your life.


Depending on which esports title you are more interested in, it could be a good idea to upgrade keyboards or mouses. Making sure that you have the optimum display is also crucial. All of this expenditure may be out of reach for some, of course. But, if you can afford better gear, it could really help.


Figure 2 Improving your gear and reaching out online could help with your gaming

Forbedre dit helbred


The best esports gamers are referred to as athletes these days and – like all athletes – they need to be on top of their health. This means looking after both your emotional and physical capabilities. By working on this area of your life, you will be able to put in the practice and compete at a better level.


Ensure that you are in the correct mindset before playing or taking part in events. A positive mental attitude is crucial to any chance of success. Making sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle away from your gaming – by eating right and exercising – will also pay off when it comes to esports events.


Take Time to Practice


This might seem like an obvious factor. But no one ever became a top esports gamer overnight. Years of practice are needed to make it to the top of any game. Obviously, if you are not a professional, you will probably not have as much time to put in the hard work needed. But try to play as much as is feasibly possible.


Try to warm up your muscles before actually playing to give you more chance of extending your esports schedule. This goes along with the point about improving general health levels. You need to give yourself as much opportunity to play and practice – and then the results will be seen in competition play.


Play at Your Level


Some kids dream of becoming professional football players. We were always more interested in gaming – and now there are young players with aspirations of earning a living with esports. Just make sure that your goals are realistic and that you still enjoy what you are doing.


We can sometimes be a little sarcastic and snarky in our views about games and gaming. But we still love what we do and enjoy playing our favorite titles. If you just want to play esports, rather than become professional, be honest about that. Play to the level you want and you will probably improve anyway.



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