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Cikorie: A Colorful Tale Review - Masterful Strokes

There is a late time in Chicory in which the hero of his story questions his role. Was it simply an accident they had inherited or deserved the burden and heritage of a powerful paintbrush capable of restored color to the colorless world? It’s not surprising that this question arises at all, but when it happens.

In the vicinity of the finale, the hero of Chicory is not convinced that all his acts have alleviated his fundamental uncertainty. This is the moment Chicory: a colorful tale, together with many others around it, is an incredible story to s unfold. It’s a story that has become more impressive through fascinating puzzles and a distinct visual style.

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The universe of Picnic is one that alone Wielder is adapted to anticipating a lot. These skilled artists have been chosen by many to keep color in the world with a magical brush and to define the look of culture via their unique techniques practically. This is a ritual that has continued for generations, but that abruptly ends when the latest Wielder, Chicory, pulls the tool apart after a cataclysmic occurrence strip the entire land of its color.

My hero, whom I unconsciously named Pizza (all the other characters are also named after food), springs to the opportunity to take over the mantle and take responsibility for those who came earlier but quickly began to comprehend the burden that accompanies the title of Wielder. Chicory: A Colorful Tale enables you to make your reality imaginative through the magical paintbrush in hand.

It is simply a giant coloring book that lets you decorate it how you may see it may have appeared under the reign of Chicory. It is a physical mechanic constructed around the Wielder’s obligation to the Picnic land while also making you understand better how every Wielder had grappled with the inhabitants’ wishes previously. Characters often beg you to return their household or favorite coffee shop, sometimes not happy with the consequences.

On other occasions, they may flood you in admiration for generating your most simple t-shirt logo or for the reproduction of a far better-looking antique artwork. Either you are not good enough to be the Wielder, or the residents of Picnic settle because they do not have any other alternative, instilling a sense of impostors syndrome.

Regardless of your feelings towards your work, the act of painting in Picnic is straightforward. Each region named allows you to cycle between a limited selection of colors and the overall subject of the location you can paint. Prominent elements on the individual screens can be colored with a click, while you can make lovely patterns throughout the floor or on nearby skylines with broad strokes.


As you go on, you’ll uncover more brush styles and textures, which allow you to create intricate patterns, encourage you to review areas and add a new shine to them. Painting is never needed in your environment, but it’s a soothing practice even if you’re not artistically inclined. Seeing a scene explode into life from the end of your brush is worthwhile and makes you create something unique, which helps you experience the picnic world differently from any other player of Chicory: A Colorful Tale.

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As you continue, your brush relationship strengthens you and unlocks new skills that modify how you explore the world. One lets your paint glisten in the dark, allowing you to light previously unpassed caves. At the same time, the other enables you to go swimming through your paint in the Splatoon style, reaching previously unattainable locations.

Your ability to navigate the Picnic is limited by the powers you currently have, so you can return to previously explored regions to find new mysteries and journey to totally other villages. Each talent is understandable and works in harmony with everyone before it, putting a fresh wrinkle on your quest at a pleasant pace. Puzzles probe your grasp of these new capabilities, and Chicory: A Colorful Tale is full of fascinating challenges that carefully balance difficulty with enjoyment.

Each chapter of the game focuses on a new puzzle type that slowly rises to complexity, reveals the potential of your newest skills and how it interacts with your existing ones. Like skills, it is often easy to grasp what is needed; in some wildlife, you may have to color to shrink or expand; other times, you may need to push an explosive gas bubble to a rock structure, but the problems challenge you through execution. Chicory: A Colorful Tale never feels a headache, but it also develops puzzles from simple beginnings into minor, satisfactory problems to solve on every new screen.

The puzzles integrate with the themes that lend a lot of complexity to the vast map of Picnic. Either you explore the dark caves of a buggy town or a single mountain peak overlooking the whole country, the way you move through these regions is vital to your style. It provides the atmosphere with a genuine sense of character, allowing you to recall specific moments and locales not just with their colorful soundscape but also with the obstacles that enable you to access them.

Each area is also home to several individuals with their own stories and solutions, providing you with multiple alternate options to take a break from your main detour quest. While Chicory’s primary story focuses on essential themes like depression, imposter syndrome, and more, its side stories offer you a timely reminder of heartfelt dialogues, peculiar aims, and always amusing moments. One of my faves let me become a stereotypical TV detective and solve a crime by seeking indications in my local environment.

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The brief search is filled with some memorable one-liners, comical camera cuts, and lots of expressive animations that communicate tone precisely in place of speech performance throughout their characters. It’s a nugget in bite-size, which contains the most significant elements distributed among all the side stories in A Colorful Tale, which gives you an excellent reason to continue the exploration of Picnic after the credits roll.

But it also recalls how the stories of Chicory: A Colorful Tale, whether they’re the main or side stories, continually confound expectations. The mystery is resolved surprisingly, with the apparent culprit not guilty. Although this is not subversive, the way the perpetrator faces the victim culminates in a heartbreaking exchange that reinforces how the goal of perfection can frequently bring our worst traits out.

It is a message that permeates the stories of A Colorful Tale and often pushes you to confront what it means to produce something to be devoured by others. It concerns the worth of its acceptance rather than the value of delight that it creates, which can be described regardless of how you choose to understand its literal examples.

He accomplishes this in a way that is never patronizing, rather contemplative. He obliges me to ask myself questions while at the same time encouraging me to envision how his next chapter would be developed. Each chapter ends in progressively fascinating boss struggles that very literally reflect everyone’s message.

In the face of Chicory’s fears, for example, a mirror image of your idealized mentor reveals and reflects on you its shortcomings, which drives the design of puzzle-like confrontations. These moments, bathed in dark, negative color filters, contrast strikingly the remainder of the cheerful presentation of A Colorful Tale, showing the intensity of the emotional traumas of the characters they represent. They may also feel considerably more difficult sometimes than the rest of Chicory’s gameplay.

However, that’s fortunately tempered by controls that put you right where you died after a short break. The game also gives the option of altogether skip boss fights if you’re more interested in the narrative ending than the fight to get there

Indeed, it is impossible to discover a lot of friction in Chicory: A Colorful Tale’s gameplay that keeps you from enjoying its profoundly emotional story and is balanced enough to provide a fascinating experience with outstanding mechanics and satisfactory solutions. Chicory: A colorful story is a self-exploration game, often with severe, complex themes regarding how relatable they are.


However, it is also an exercise in tackling these insecurities and barriers that prevent you from enjoying what you put into the world and rediscovering its worth. It’s an evocative story, not just about its story. Thus it’s one of the finest games this year you can play.

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