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1472760cookie-tjekSteamDolls, Steampunk Metroidvania med David Hayter modtager gratis demoopdatering

SteamDolls, Steampunk Metroidvania med David Hayter modtager gratis demoopdatering

Top Hat Studios and The Shady Gentlemen have collaborated with famous voice actor and producer David Hayter for their upcoming side-scrolling, steampunk-themed Metroidvania, SteamDolls: Order of Chaos. The game is like a mix between Dishonored og Mark of the Ninja, with inspiration from døde celler og Hollow Knight.

The demo was recently updated and is currently available for free over on the Steam butik side.

The art looks great so far and the theme of the game fusing retro-fi steampunk technology with stealth-oriented assassinations seems like a fantastic mix.

David Hayter voices an assassin known as The Whisper. You’ll guide him through various Gothic levels that are steeped in darkness, blood and violence.

You can check out the debut trailer below that promotes the game’s upcoming Kickstarter kampagne.

Det ser godt ud.

The animations obviously need some touch-ups but you can absolutely see where they’re going with the game and I’m certainly on board.

You’ll have the option of tackling the game straight through and killing everything in your path, or you can go the stealth route and avoid creating as much of a stir as possible.

The story will also unfold through hand-drawn cutscenes, which we don’t see very often these days due to the cost of paying for artists to animate high-quality artwork.

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However, we have seen a return to form for a lot of hand drawn games such as blasfemisk og Streets of Rage 4.

Hopefully The Shady Gentleman can be added to the short list of developers producing high-quality sprite-work in today’s generation of gaming.

I also hope that SteamDolls is free from Left-wing agenda-pushing. We’ve seen it corrupt so many franchises and brands lately, it seems like it’s a rarity to find a game that isn’t a pro-Communist manifesto for Twitter sperglings with pronouns in their profile.

Anyway, the game isn’t due for release until sometime in 2021 for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, but the Kickstarter is set to get underway this June. You can grab the concept demo from over on Damp lige nu.

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