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1477920cookie-tjekSpace Haven, Rimworld-Style Base Building Sim går ind i tidlig adgang på Steam

Space Haven, Rimworld-Style Base Building Sim går ind i tidlig adgang på Steam

Bugbyte’s Space haven is a base-building strategy game set out in space, where you have to build out your own spaceship one tile at a time while maintaining the crew, expanding the living quarters, keeping everyone alive, and dealing with all the conundrums and chaos that comes with traveling through deep space.

Not only will you need to keep your ship functional and well supplied with oxygen and CO2, but you’ll also need to ensure that your crew doesn’t go stir crazy. You’ll need to supply with beds so they can sleep, toilets so they can poop, and recreational activities so they don’t get bored and start killing each other or become joggers and trash your supplies while looting goods.

You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the core gameplay loops are like.

The game was originally crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2019 to the very lucrative tune of $260,189.

A large part of the appeal came from being billed as “Rimworld møder FTL".

Now that the game is currently in Early Access on Steam, they have plans on spending the next year or two working on fleshing out the game’s content, which includes expanding the core content and making the onboarding process a lot more user-friendly and streamlined.

They don’t go into full detail as to what amount of content is available versus what’s being added, but apparently what’s there is substantial enough for a majority of users to give the game some positive feedback.

Space haven er i øjeblikket tilgængelig lige nu over på Steam butik for $22.99. However, during the first week of release the game has been discounted by 10% off the normal price.

You can either pick up a copy or wait another two years and try to purchase the game when it’s content-rich and fully complete.

(Thanks for the news tip Bambino Billy)

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