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1475750cookie-tjekDarkness Falls Trailer ødelægger en masse mysteriet for den kommende thriller

Darkness Falls Trailer ødelægger en masse mysteriet for den kommende thriller

Not to be confused with the 2003 horror flick about a ghastly tooth fairy out for revenge, Julien Seri’s 2020 film, Darkness Falls, looks like a mix of Sean Penn’s Løftet and Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler wrapped up in a modern day noir mystery-thriller… or at least, that’s how it’s portrayed in the trailer.

The film follow Shawn Ashmore’s pathologically obsessive Los Angeles detective determine to find the killers behind his wife’s murder… a murder that everyone has told him was actually a suicide.

His obsession comes to fruition one day when a woman survives a brutal attack by two men, and she informs Ashmore’s character about their motivations, which leads him to believe that his wife actually didn’t commit suicide all those years ago.

The first half of the trailer jogs on the paper thin premise that perhaps Ashmore’s character is going crazy and perhaps his wife really did commit suicide and that he’s chasing ghosts, not unlike in the film Memento.

You can check out the trailer below courtesy of MovieGasm.com.

Unfortunately, the second half of the trailer decided to completely spoil the twist to the film that he actually wasn’t going crazy and his wife really was murdered.

What should have been a nice little surprise in the film itself turns into a complete let down, all courtesy of marketers who apparently don’t want people to watch the film.

Not only that but they then spoil that the two men target Ashmore’s character and his son, leading into a kidnapping standoff.

It feels contrived and trite at that point, but maybe the marketers were trying to warn people away from the film because they think it’s bad? At the moment the IMDB rating from the few people who have seen it have given it a criminally low score, a 4.4 as of the writing of this article.

It’s a shame because the first half of the trailer was put together really well, and the film looks like it’s shot well by cinematographer Shan Liljestrand, but the IMDB rating has me scared and the fact that the trailer couldn’t even keep its biggest plot twists a secret seems like it’s ruined potential.

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