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1474780cookie-tjekDarwin Project, Battle Royale spiludvikling slutter; Servere lukker senere i år

Darwin Project, Battle Royale spiludvikling slutter; Servere lukker senere i år

It looks like some of the battle royale contenders aren’t doing too well. nedslagning died (two times) and is trying to come back with a ridiculous business model, Z1 Battle Royale can barely keep over 300 active PC players, and now we have Scavengers Studio ending Darwin-projektet udvikling.

Hvis du ikke har nogen anelse om hvad Darwin Project is, it’s a battle royale game that is available to pick up across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you want a better picture of said title, you can check out the now dying battle royale game’s cringe-inducing E3 2017 reveal trailer:

Nu hvor du ved hvad Darwin Project is all about, Scavengers Studio is gearing up to stop development on the battle royale game just four months after its official/full release:

Takket være hjemmesiden gamesindustry.biz, we learn from studio founders Simon Darveau and Amélie Lamarche that Darwin-projektet decreasing player base over time had “rendered the game unable to sustain itself.” Here’s the letter in question:

“We have been fortunate enough to have worked on it for so long, with the support of our partners and community. Over the past years, we saw a decreasing playerbase, and have been working hard on finding solutions –from a new platform development (PS4) to bringing new content (class system, battle passes, systemic maps, customizable craftwheel, new tiles, live events), spectator interactions extension, and continuous optimizations. We have assessed all potential solutions and scenarios, but unfortunately, Darwin Project is unable to sustain itself thus forcing us to come to this very difficult decision. We are still very proud to see what had started as a scribble on a piece of paper become a fully released game that has reached millions of players. We will keep Darwin Project servers up at least through to the end of the year, and you will still be able to play the game.”

You’ve read right. After the devs tried everything they thought would make Darwin Project a game to stand the test of time, it looks like said changes only drove more players away.

Lastly, Scavengers Studio will keep the servers up for Darwin Project up until the end of this year. This means folks on PC, PS4, and Xbox One have around six months to play with others until the game dies.

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