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1551040cookie-tjekHorizon Zero Dawn 2 under udvikling ved Guerilla Games, ifølge rapporter

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 under udvikling ved Guerilla Games, ifølge rapporter

Guerrilla Games is looking to make multiple games out of the Horizon Zero Dawn intellectual property (IP). This information comes from two new reports, which claim that folks will see more Horizon Zero Dawn spil i fremtiden.

As noted before, website videogameschronicle.com has a somewhat notable track record when it comes to rumors. Back on December 10th, 2019, the website reported that former PlatinumGames CEO Tsutomu Teranishi, in a way, returned to Capcom with ex-PlatinumGames devs to start M-Two.

On March 30th, 2020, the publication site carefully looked over Resident Evil 3 Remake‘s credits og fandt ud af, at den navngiver en håndfuld M-Two-ansatte, inklusive designeren Teranishi - såvel som et par tidligere PlatinumGames-udviklere.

The website also made mention that the Xbox Team would one day have a special event in May — due to E3 2020 being canceled. And on April 23rd, 2020, Phil Spencer came forth to acknowledge that said event is indeed going to happen in May.

With that out of the way, and as of today, the same website is reporting that Sony has greenlit “ambitious plans” for Horizon Zero Dawn to expand into multiple titles.

It is said that Guerrilla Games always wanted to deliver a series of Horizon Zero Dawn games, but was only able to do so after the first game’s “strong debut on PS4.”

On the topic of a sequel, tweaktown.com is reporting that Guerrilla Games has a series of job listings that point to work on an “open-world game featuring quests and creatures.”

Both websites are claiming that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 started development right after the first game’s “successful release.” Additionally, the second title was in development for PS4 but has changed to launch on Sony’s next-gen console (PS5).

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be “gigantic in scope” with a “larger game world” when compared to its predecessor, as per the two sites.

And lastly, it’s up in the air if the second iteration will feature the inclusion of co-op.

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