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1577030cookie-tjekRain of Reflection, fortællingsdrevet cybernoir-spil nu tilgængeligt på damp

Rain of Reflection, fortællingsdrevet cybernoir-spil nu tilgængeligt på damp

Lionbite Games’ Rain of Reflections isn’t one of those down-in-the-dredges style cyberpunk titles where you’re rummaging through alleyways for the next adrenaline spike, or trapped in a rundown construction site fighting off a bunch of wetware junkies zombied out on a cognazium trip. No, Rain of Reflection is a narrative-driven cybernoir adventure with stealth, lots of interactive dialogue, turn-based encounters, and a very slick, atmospheric world to explore.

The game is currently available for just $18.99 over on the Steam butik.

During the first week of release the game is discounted by 10% off the normal price.

The game is heavily focused on story-based decisions made by players.

The main plot centers around scientist Wilona who is tasked with solving an infertility epidemic that has plagued the world. The last born child is currently in captivity, being experimented on as researchers attempt to reverse the infertility crisis. However, Wilona takes pity on the child and attempts to break him out from captivity, but it doesn’t go that well.

My biggest criticism is that the main chick looks like a dude. But otherwise the architecture and style of the world looks pretty cool.

The game has players exploring a wealth of environments while they attempt to hack through security systems using 3D puzzles, or sneak past guards in turn-based segments with an isometric view.

You can also attempt to defuse situations by talking your way out of them, or using persuasion to get through hairy segments.

Lionbite’s Rain of Reflections vil have additional chapters where you play as different characters to round out the full story.

They don’t mention how far off the second and third chapters are, but I’m pretty sure a lot of that will depend on how successful the first chapter will fare on the market.

For now the game is only available on Steam for PC. So far there’s no mention of the game appearing on home consoles but it will likely make the leap if the sales warrant the porting costs.

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