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En Plage Tale: Uskyldighed Gameplay Walkthrough

Asobo Studio og Focus Home Interactive's En plagehistorie: uskyld was one of the few AA games that gamers have been looking forward to this spring. Visually it’s a captivating looking title despite its moderate eight hour length, but the mixture of stealth, cinematics, puzzle-solving, and light combat has made it an endearing pick among gamers looking for something slightly different from the rest of the generic AAA fodder that releases every quarter. Gamers interested in learning about the gameplay and solving some of the puzzles can check out a gameplay walkthrough guide to help them along the way.

YouTuber PlayGames has a 16 video playlist covering En plagehistorie: uskyld from start to finish, helping gamers out with the puzzle-solving, combat, and more. You can check out the video below.

A Plague Tale – Controls

The game starts with a tutorial in the forest. You move with the left analog and look around with the right analog like every other third-person game.

You’ll first learn how to use the slingshot. Use Triangle on the PS4 Dualshock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox One controller to pick up items. Use the left trigger to aim with the sling and the right trigger to fire the sling when the target reticule hones in on the target.

You’ll then have to run around in the forest after the dog Lion.

You can lock onto targets by pressing in the right thumbstick. Press ‘X’ on the DualShock or ‘A’ on the Xbox controller to climb up objects. Press Square on the Dualshock to duck or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to crouch and stealth through areas.

En Plage Tale Uskyldighed - Amicia

The De Rune Legacy

After you attack the boar, follow Lion the dog through the marsh.

A short cinematic will play and poor ‘ole Lion the dog will get devoured alive by the monsters in the hole.

Back at the homestead you can go send a pray to Lion at the altar inside the chapel.

Head inside the house and follow the maid, Louise, upstairs to grab the tablecloth from the bed and then head into the room to talk to Beatrice.

Following a miniscule cinematic head into Hugo’s room. You’ll find him in his play area behind the blanket. After another cinematic where Lord Nicholas kills Amicia’s father, you’ll need to call Hugo by pressing down on the digital pad.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Huygo

Take Hugo and head to your left through the next room. Wait for the guard to walk into the room and when he has his back turned, exit through the door.

Make your way through the manor halls to the exit.

You’ll note that there are white lines indicating where the enemies are at the edges of the screen. The white blur indicates that the enemies are present but unaware of your position.

Make your way to the exit.

Follow Beatrice through the courtyard and make your way out of the garden .

You’ll need to distract the guards to make your way through the rest of the garden.

Pick up the objects and then use the left bumper to aim and throw objects in order to get the enemies to leave the area.

When you reach the locked door, press up on the digital pad to have Hugo go through the hole in the wall.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Nicholas Comes

Continue through the maze-like garden. You’ll need to distract some of the enemies.

For the part with the scarecrow, switch to your rock, throw it at the scarecrow and when the guard goes to check on the scarecrow call Beatrice and Hugo to your position.

When the guard walks back to his position sneak to the exit.

From there a cinematic will play and Lord Nicholas will kill Beatrice by impaling her through the door.

Chapter 2: The Strangers

The first chapter ends by running through the forest while the ground rumbles and the guards throw spears and shoot arrows at the kids.

Make your way into the town and you’ll find some rocks in the corner of a dead end.

Keep making your way through the town until you see a door with a white cross on it.

From there you’ll encounter Conrad, the leader of the ruffians burning people who they believe have started the plague.

Run through the village until you reach a house with a villager upstairs. Throw a rock at the pots to distract him and when he goes downstairs sneak behind him and then run out of the house and down the streets until you reach the barn with the crate.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Meeting Conrad

Push the crate over to the high wall on the west side of the barn and proceed to climb up.

Use the slingshot to break the chain on the crate suspended in the air and then roll the crate over to the open window in the corner of the barn.

Make your way through the streets toward the ladder; the ladder will break and then you’ll have to run around to the alley and then shoot the crate so Hugo can push it over the ledge to allow Amicia to climb up.

You’ll encounter two more ruffians on the lookout for the duo. Throw a rock to distract the first man, and then sneak down into the patch of flowers and throw a pot to distract the second man.

You’ll need to run through the streets and and make your way through the streets until a little old lady opens up her door.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Crafting

That segment is pretty freaking intense.

After a short cinematic with the little old lady explaining how the crafting works, you’ll be able to craft new equipment and items to help you along the way.

Hugo will run off once you get done crafting. Chase after him and follow him to where the Ruffian will attempt to have captured him. Use the slingshot to hit the man.

You’ll encounter Conrad in a boss fight. You’ll have to target and knock off each piece of his armor using the slingshot. You can only knock off selected pieces of armor by aiming for the parts with the yellow targets. Use the Circle button on the Dualshock or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to roll and dodge out of the way of his attacks.

Once all his armor is knocked off, hit him in the head to kill him and head to the next level.

Kapitel 3: Retribution

Make your way through the church and outside to the courtyard.

Proceed through the courtyard to the pries, Father Thomas.

Follow him through the catacombs into the room.

A cinematic sequence will play and then you’ll be introduced to the rats for the very first time.

The rats will then surround Amicia and Hugo but use the light to slowly travel through the rat hordes down into the catacombs.

Climb over the wall and pick up the stick near the crate to light the torch and make your way into the next chamber. Use the slingshot to knock down the cauldron to make a pathway through the hordes.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Torches

In the next area you’ll need to knock down one side of the suspended cauldron to trek across the room.

In the next area there are no torches so you’ll need to shoot the ham down from the wall to distract the rats.

Proceed into the next room and shoot down the suspended ham to keep the rats away.

Make your way across the tables and then lift up the wooden board so Hugo can get through and grab the torch. Walk with Hugo across the path way and then take the torch.

You can use the torch to clear out the rats and grab some supplies before removing the table and heading into the next area.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Pyres

In the next area the trick is that the sticks will burn quickly so you’ll need to use them to light the cauldrons on the ground.

You’ll have to make several trips, constantly lighting each pyre until you can make a path that leads you to Hugo.

He will then jump down and you’ll be able to finally exit the room together.

There’s a crafting table where you can make some new gear before proceeding through the rat nest.

Use the wicks to light the cauldrons on the ground and then make your way into the next room where the exit is located. Once you hop over the barrier make a sprint to the staircase to end the level.

Chapter 4: The Apprentice

The stage starts on a pathway toward the farm.

You’ll need to hide in the thicket of flowers and distract the guard by throwing a rock at the stash of armor.

When he gets done investigating and turns his back, sneak toward the stack of logs and mak your way down to the cart.

While crouched by the cart, throw a rock or object in the direction from whence you came to get the guard to head back up the path so you can sneak past him across the road.

Distract the guard and press up on the digital pad to have Hugo make his way into the hole and open the window to the house.

Careful inside the house, if you attempt to move around the corner there’s a guard looking directly at the opening, so you’ll need to use the hole in the wall to throw a rock and get him to turn around so you can sneak past and make your way toward the bridge.

Proceed into the mill on the other side and sneak past the guard.

There’s an upgrade crafting station where you can increase upgrade your gear before moving on.

Just past the crafting table make your way down to the riverbed and into the tree bush.

Hugo will attempt to play a game of hide and seek – you’ll find him in one of the rows. Head to the small house and grab some supplies out of the chest. You can also nab a pot and use it to distract one of the guards.

You’ll encounter an area just outside the house where there are hay bales. The way past them is to simply head to the right through the opening. However if you want the supplies in the chest you’ll have to leave Hugo in the thicket and then throw a rock at the scarecrow so you can snag the items while the guard is distracted.

Once you head into the next segment you’ll have to distract both guards by throwing items in the opposite directions for each guard and then moving through the hay.

Getting past the guard sill lead you closer toward Laurentius’ place. There’s a segment where the rats will burst out of the ground.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Laurentius Place

The objective is to stay near the torches and follow the pathway up the hill until you you reach the blockade where there’s a pool of blood and a bunch of rats. Use the slingshot to fire at the hook on the gate to move the rats out of the way.

Proceed by grabbing a wick and using it to light the fires and then push the cart up the hill into Laurentius’ front yard.

All the doors are locked so you’ll have to get in through the barn.

Make your way up the ladder and around the upper deck to get back outside and finally towards Laurentius’ abode. Send Hugo through the window to unlock the door so you can head inside.

A Plague Tale Innocence – Laurentius

Upstairs in the bedroom you’ll find a plague-stricken Laurentius and his apprentice Lucas.

The rats will end up bursting into the house. You’ll need to knock down the ham and then break the lantern to distract the rats from the doorway so the three kids can escape.

Head outside and grab the pig feed to lure the big into the barn.

As the big is finally stationed inside the barn, lock the doors, head upstairs, break the lanterns to lure the rats to the pig, and then head down into the laboratory .

You’ll gain access to the ignifer, which you can access from your inventory menu with the right bumper.

Use the ignifer on the ember piles throughout the levels to drive the rats back.

When you exit the lab a cinematic will play where the house will burn down after the rats overrun the distillery, causing the horse to take off in fright. Race after the horse, using the ignifers to light the haystacks along the way until you reach the windmill. Use the ignifers on the windmill to light the path and reach the docks.

Chapter 5: The Raven’s Spoils

Move along the river’s edge toward the aqueduct.

You’ll reach the battlefield where you’ll need to cross the dead bodies.

When you reach the bloated horse with the rats inside, head left and there’s a fallen over tree with a cauldron. Light up the cauldron by throwing an ignifer on it and then pass under the tree.

When you reach the trebuchet, use the slingshot to light the tip of the trebuchet and then crank it down so that Hugo can go grab a stick so you can cross past the rats.

For the soldiers and looters rummaging the battlefield, you can kill the unarmored looters by hitting them in the head with the slingshot, or you can have the soldiers killed by shooting their lantern, forcing the rats to devour them whole.

Head to the siege tower and go inside after killing the looter. Take a wick and then head back outside and light it up so you can cross over to the mobile cauldron. You can lure the guard over to you but act fast by striking his lantern.

A Plague Tale Innocence - Lucas

There’s another guard with his back turned. You can wait for him to walk away and then grab the torch. Head back to Lucas and Hugo and then move past the rats toward the wall and climb up.

Use the torch to push the rats toward the guard and escape from the area. Lucas will then develop a sleeping agent for Ameica to use in order to stealthily take out enemies from behind.

Have Lucas wind up the trebuchet so that you can get across to the platform. Throw an ignifer at the lantern to clear out the rats so Hugo can go underneath the hole and get a torch.

Just up ahead and to your left you’ll find a crafting table and a chest with some supplies inside.

There’s also a haystack you can light afire in order to proceed to the next area. Proceed to the next area, and break the lantern of the soldier to have the rats eat him. Switch to your rocks and use the slingshot to break the chain so the flaming bodies fall into the ground. Use the torch to then cross past the rats.

Make your way through the bodies and past the guards to trigger a cutscene and end the level.

Chapter 6: Damaged Goods

Amecia and Hugo will get captured by the English soldiers, but some grave robbers will free Amecia from the jail.

During the stealth segment you won’t have your equipment, so you’ll have to follow Melie and her brother Arthur until you can get your equipment back

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