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1464440cookie-tjekStar Citizen Alpha 3.2.0 Download nu tilgængelig for bagmænd

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2.0 Download nu tilgængelig for bagmænd

Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games held true to their word, releasing the alpha 3.2.0 build for backers after putting it through the testing ringer and making sure everything worked as it was supposed to.

Over på Roberts Space Industries hjemmeside they rolled out what’s new in stjerne Citizen alpha 3.2.0 for backers. This includes six updated Legacy armor suits, aong with all new kiosk systems, a new ship weapon, three new personal weapons, and brand new flyable ships.

In total this brings the current public build up to par, making 60 ships available to fly, and more than 300 weapons, armor, and items for use in game.

Kedeligt gamer did a quick overview video for all of the new features in alpha 3.2, giving you a look at the new new content.

The alpha 3.2 build features the reworked Aegis Avenger, along with the Vanduul Blade, the bomber that is the Aegis Eclipse, the enterprise cruiser that is the Origin Jumpworks 600i, and the gunship that is the Anvil Hurricane.

One of the biggest new additions to alpha 3.2, is being able to mine rocks on planets. You’ll now see a lot of star citizens venturing about the galaxy in their Prospector, drilling rocks for fun. No, I kid you not… they want to drill rocks.

There’s a video from STLYungt blod that gives you a tutorial on how to drill within the Prospector. You can check it out below.

The mining is just a small part of what else is on the roadmap for stjerne Citizen. The game will also eventually receive more character customization, additional ships, and eventually the Squadron 42 first episode, which is the single-player campaign for the game.

Now that the core procedural galaxy generator is complete Cloud Imperium Games is working on building out content at this point, and the next major update will be 3.3.0 at the end of the third quarter.

If you acquired the game pack as a backer you’ll be able to jump into alpha 3.2.0 right now on PC.

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