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1548880cookie-tjekXenonauts 2 Kickstarter får en stærk start; På vej til GOG.com i slutningen af ​​2018

Xenonauts 2 Kickstarter får en stærk start; På vej til GOG.com i slutningen af ​​2018

Goldhawk Interactive’s Xenonauts managed to become a sleeper hit for the indie developer. It was hailed as a true spiritual successor to the 1990s version of Micropose’s X-Com series, featuring tactical turn-based combat with sprite-based designs.

Kickstarter for Xenonauts 2 just recently got underway but within a day it’s already 93% funded, accruing $54,600 of a $65,802 goal.

Some of you might be asking “Why are they back on Kickstarter if the first game sold well enough?” Well, they’re actually using the profits they acquired from the first game to make the sequel. But they wanted to expand on the sequel in significant ways, adding more playability features, more options on the geoscape, more combat versatility, and more strategic opportunities for players to exploit both in the planning phase and the combat phase. You can see what they have in mind with the pitch video below.

The general gist of the game is that players are in charge of a special operations group known as Xenonauts. Their job is to investigate alien sightings, excavate crash sites, and prevent a hostile alien takeover of planet Earth. Players will need to manage their funding, hire in soldiers, scientists and engineers, research new equipment to fight against tougher and more resilient aliens, and eventually thwart the alien mastermind behind the invasion.

Den første Xenonauts came out back in 2014, and the team has been slowly working on the sequel since then. They’ve been expanding on just about every aspect of the gameplay, including more research, more maps, more aliens, more weapons, and more overall diplomatic strategy.

Xenonauts 2

Even though they’re crowdfunding through Kickstarter right now, they want to finish up Xenonauts 2 and get a working version out by November of this year, including offering a DRM-free version on GOG.com.

You can actually add Xenonauts 2 to your wishlist right now by visiting the GOG.com butiksside.

Given that the Kickstarter is off to a strong start, it’s very likely that it will meet its goal and surpass multiple stretch goals over the course of the next month.

For gamers who have been craving a more traditional, tactical turn-based strategy game designed like the original X-Com series, you can learn more about Xenonauts 2 ved at besøge Kickstarter side.

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