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1549120cookie-tjekUbisoft rører ved Beyond Good And Evil 2's kloner, verden og mere

Ubisoft rører ved Beyond Good And Evil 2's kloner, verden og mere

Ud over godt og ondt 2, as of this moment, has no release date, but Ubisoft is adamant about shipping information to gamers about the space action-adventure game. With that said, the official Ubiblog has been updated and covers a wide variety of topics, in a slightly vague way, regarding clones, weapons, customization, and more.

You can read the full post or rundown via news.ubisoft.com. With that out of the way, the blog post explains that when you start Ud over godt og ondt 2, you’ll need to create your own “cloned” space-pirate captain. Additionally, every denizen of the system comes from the strains of DNA brought by the first colonists, which you’ll be able to use when creating your “human” or “hybrid” character.

The blog went in detail and noted that the two pirates on screen “looked like wildly” different versions of Shani and Knox, stating that they’d been heavily customized to create “distinct” looks. However, the two were cloned from the same genetic lines.

The blog moves on to Ganesha City – a Hindu-founded metropolis on the continent of New India, on the moon Soma, orbiting the gas planet Dyaus on the outskirts of System 3.

In addition to the above, the demo that was presented during E3 2018 is said to be a tiny snippet of the society shaped by a combination of powerful corporations, and religious manipulation.

As for some lore stuff, the blog post notes that Soma is locked in a synchronous orbit with Dyaus, keeping one side of the moon facing the gas planet at all times. This positioning creates a safe side that acts as a shield to asteroids, enabling ecosystems to flourish. The side that faces out toward space is a barren place that is showered with meteors.

It is said that corporations in control of System 3 breed slaves for specific deadly roles — like miners and so on. Some slaves must go out and collect resources from the area littered with meteors. However, if you are a slave, you will be able to escape as a space pirate, eventually piloting your own ship(s) and forming a crew.

Before building up your own armada, you must find firepower. In the demo, we learn that every player-created space-pirate starts with four basic tools at all times: a gun, a sword, a shield, and a jetpack. All of the four things can be augmented by exploring the world/space system, which can help lead to saving people or being a pirate.

Speaking of helping people or looking out for your own back, Ubisoft explains that a police department could be raided to free captive pirates, who may join your crew, or a bank could be robbed for cash to spend on Augments and other stuff.

Taking a look over to space, starfighter can be customized — which includes different wings, missiles, machine guns and cosmetic patterns. Ships can hit hyperspeed with no problem, making huge planets look like a speck. From this speck distance, you can also see Nazca Lines on different planet’s surface, too.

The second to last thing worth pointing out is, out in space the view will sometime change depending on how far out you are and will show the “Galaxy Viewer.” This map screen will let you examine the surface of places like Soma, zoom in close to find points of interest (PoI), or zoom all the way out for a full view of System 3, with Surya (a star) at its center.

Endelig Beyond Good and Evil 2 will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The exact date may not be a thing until late 2019 or sometime in 2020 due to the beta’s release window being Q4 2019.

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