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1547960cookie-tjekStar Citizen Alpha 3.2 Enhanced Character Creator vil tilføje flere hudfarver, hårfarver

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 Enhanced Character Creator vil tilføje flere hudfarver, hårfarver

This week’s Around The Verse episode for stjerne Citizen covered studio updates and progress being made ahead of the full 3.2.0 roll out expected to be made available for alpha backers. The 3.2.0 update is already available in testing via the limited Evocati test session, and that means that 3.2.0 will be going public very soon.

The episode isn’t all that long, but it does feature a brief look at the enhance character creation suite being added to 3.2.0, as well as the new ships, new optimizations, and new enhancements being added. You can check out the video below.

They have several new vehicles moving through the pipeline and prepping for release, including a finalization of the Tumbler Cyclone, which is about to enter “flight ready” status.

The team has been building new tools to help speed up development, including the unified tool installer, which allows them to quickly install new tools and building utilities into the pipeline without having to manually build the installation tools. They’ve also built a new Maya loadout preview, allowing animators to quickly edit and preview different animation loops with different costumes, armor sets, and clothing meshes. This allows animators and artists to quickly modify animations where they see inconsistencies or animation disruptions.

Star Citizen - Character Customization

The character customization is also being overhauled with new heads, skin colors, eye colors, adding more to what’s already present in the game. The new features are being implemented into the backend of Star Citizen's design tools. This is an upgrade over the current character creator, which has a limited number of heads and customization options available.

As I said, the episode wasn’t all that long but it does give you a brief glimpse into what you can expect from alpha 3.2.0 when it finally goes live for the public. They’re also working on a dedicated director’s camera tool, which will be perfect for those of you who want to focus on making machinima or capturing the action from a certain viewpoint while doing livestreams or producing videos of stjerne Citizen. The director’s camera doesn’t have a release window yet, so it’s not on the roadmap but they’re still working on tweaking it and finding a way to get into the game.

Du kan følge med i udviklingen af stjerne Citizen or check the roadmap by visiting the officiel hjemmeside.

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