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1548400cookie-tjekShadows: Awakening Isometric RPG Sports Real-Time Combat, 14 omskiftelige karakterer

Shadows: Awakening Isometric RPG Sports Real-Time Combat, 14 omskiftelige karakterer

Kalypso Media and Games Farm recently let loose a new developer featurette for the upcoming action-RPG, Skygger: Awakening, which is due to release this fall. The game’s latest video clocks in at close to seven minutes, covering the single-player isometric RPG that sports real-time tactical combat.

The game centers around the secret council of the Penta Nera being assassinated, and evil demons attempting to re-emerge in the mortal realm. Set within the Heretic Kingdoms saga, players will take control of the demon known as the Devourer. The goal is to consume the souls of long-dead heroes (14 in total) while gathering your party and attempting to save the world from the other demons run amok. The game’s main selling point is being able to consume the souls of the heroes and switch between them during the real-time combat sequences.

In the developer featurette they talk about the Shadow Realm feature where it’s a parallel universe to the mortal realm.

They explain that while you have a series of heroes at your disposal, the main demon can transform his appearance, with them comparing the Devourer to a T-1000 from Terminator.

The game features a story mode that lasts about 15 hours, but the story changes depending on which character you embody from the three main playable heroes that lead the party in the mortal realm, alongside the Devourer.

So this adds some replayability to the game.

The game also sports multiple endings based on the decisions you’ve made throughout the game. Some of the characters will only be available depending on the choices you make, which once again encourages players to go back and play the game again in order to unlock everything. There are 14 playable character souls you can consume in all, allowing you to switch and swap between them during combat.

You can look for the Unity-powered, isometric RPG to launch this fall for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. They also have more info on the game over on the official Kalypso Media hjemmeside.

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