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1549840cookie-tjekPlatinum Games siger, at Babylons efterår bliver en ny oplevelse for fans

Platinum Games siger, at Babylons efterår bliver en ny oplevelse for fans

Platinum Games as a whole seems to be pretty busy with games like Bayonetta 3, Granblue Fantasy, og Babylon's Fall all in development. Well, with their plate full the company happens to be working on the latter title so that it can be “bold” and a “new experience” for fans. Babylon's Fall is currently set to launch for PC via Steam and PS4 sometime in 2019.

Before jumping into all the tidbits featured on the company’s main site regarding Babylons fald, you can look over the official E3 2018 teaser trailer lige her:


Now that you’re caught up, according to platinumgames.com the site makes mention that fans looking to jump into the world Babylon’s Fall can expect something “bold” and a “new experience” from Platinum Games and Square Enix:

“Our team is currently working hard to make this game a bold, new experience for PlatinumGames and Square Enix fans alike. There’s not much that we aren’t keeping under wraps for now, but I can say that BABYLON’S FALL represents a new challenge for us at PlatinumGames. Stay on the lookout for more information!”

We can also take away from the above message that instead of playing things safe and rehashing something to generate fast cash, Platinum Games will try something different that will be a “challenge” for them.

It’s unclear how long Platinum Games and Square Enix have been working on this project, but it’s clear that it won’t be releasing any time soon. According to the given website and trailer, we learn that Babylon's Fall udkommer engang i 2019.

So with all of that said, if you plan on gaming on PC or PS4, do know that sometime next year this game will be available for both platforms. In the meantime, though, you can hit up platinumgames.com for mere info om Babylons fald.

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