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1549360cookie-tjekMotohiro Okubo afslører Soul Calibur VI sæsonkort giver adgang til 4 karakterer, 100 tilpasningsdele

Motohiro Okubo afslører Soul Calibur VI sæsonkort giver adgang til 4 karakterer, 100 tilpasningsdele

Producenten af Soul Calibur VI — Motohiro Okubo or Okubo-san — has recently taken up an interview with NVIDIA GeForce to explain various things about the game and even briefly talks about its Season Pass. Soul Calibur VI er indstillet til at blive udgivet på pc, PS4 og Xbox One den 19. oktober 2018.

If you’re interested in the stage of history or love the Soul Calibur series of games, do know that the hot topic that is DLC and a Season Pass will be a thing in this year’s title. As of this moment, it’s unclear what type of DLC Okubo and crew will release later down the line and if it’ll be free or paid, but it’s clear a DLC model is in the works.

We know this thanks to past interviews and talks including Okubo, but now he makes mention of something interesting related to Soul Calibur VI’s Season Pass in a recent interview with NVIDIA GeForce. You can either watch the full piece below or skip to the interesting part starting at 2:36 som set nedenfor:

If you don’t feel like watching the video to hear what he, Okubo, had to say, he brought up that Soul Calibur VI'er Season Pass will arrive at launch and will grant buyers access to four characters.

In addition to the above, the Season Pass will also grant buyers access to, and I quote, “over a hundred parts” of customization. It’s unclear what kind of parts these things are and whether or not they’re minor things like wristlets and stuff or actual attire changing stuff? However, time will tell.

The good news is that Okubo claims that more news is coming soon and that we should stay tuned for new stuff pertaining to the forthcoming October due game. Soul Calibur VI is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 19th.

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