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1546620cookie-tjekSelv de mest trofaste horror-elskere har brug for hjælp til fyrtårnet

Selv de mest trofaste horror-elskere har brug for hjælp til fyrtårnet

Beta testing between its backers is soon to transition from The Lighthouse’s Prologue to its First Act, meaning it’s also a good time for a new story trailer so here.

April – May 2018 has been an interesting period for this psycho-thriller with regards to its development of gameplay. The search for missing person Lily Beaumont is jam-packed with light-based puzzles/obstacles that up until now, have relied solely on environmental cues.

No hints even. And while this might appeal to the hardcore horror aficionado, Shadow Knight Studio indrømmer that the game’s ‘figure it out’ approach to problem solving has been confusing the staunchest of players.

An Objective System with hints has hence been added, and just incase you may have preferred the former state of things like I do, The Lighthouse lets you toggle the System on/off at any time without having any achievements tied to it.

Consequently you’ll want to spend less time crafting items in the dark, and so the inventory interface has been made all the more intuitive. Plus the menus are cleaner while improved visual/auditory/controller feedback has The Lighthouse communicating more than you’d like it to.

It’s the 1960s after all and P.I. James Irvine has access to none of the typical gadgetry for what is perhaps his most jarring case; Elizabeth Beaumont’s daughter Lily, bearing the same name as Irvine’s own deceased first born, is reported missing for over two years after what was the Lighthouse Incident.

You’d expect to have the former detective chalk it up to coincidence, but not when Mrs. Beaumont’s letter turns up with a strange address and the very kind of lily Irvine’s been dropping at his daughter’s grave for the past seven years.


It’s disturbingly haunting indeed, more so with its AAA quality of first-person aesthetic and soundtrack. No jump scares or walking simulation involved either, but plain old moodiness against a noir mystery backdrop.

The Lighthouse was 100% finansieret in less than a week sometime in July, last year, while a definite release date for Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is pending.  No reason why you shouldn’t tag along by wish-listing or even partaking in the game’s design via either of its sociale kanaler.

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