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1547630cookie-tjekE3 2018: Just Cause 4 Gameplay-video dækker Apex Engine-kapaciteter, nye funktioner

E3 2018: Just Cause 4 Gameplay-video dækker Apex Engine-kapaciteter, nye funktioner

Just Cause 4 has been revealed at Xbox’s E3 2018 press conference not too long ago. The new game by Square Enix and Avalanche Studios will continue following series protagonist Rico Rodriguez. Fighting against the Black Hand mercenary faction in a struggle to liberate the nation of Solis, we get to see what the fourth installment has to offer gamers.

I øvrigt, Just Cause 4 features a new and “improved” engine, which is the Apex engine, allowing for a larger degree of physics and mechanics to unfold while playing. Additionally, a larger degree of physics simulation and added mechanic variables like wind, extreme weather effects, volumetric clouds, and more destruction is now a thing in Just Cause 4.

Without wasting any time, you can check out a long video that features a nice amount of gameplay right here. The video footage comes in by OfficialNerdCubed.

If you want to see more gameplay and determine whether Just Cause 4 is something worth picking up at launch or skipping, you can watch yet another gameplay video right here.

The second gameplay video comes in courtesy of YouTuber Præstationsjæger.

I’m sure after you were done watching the above videos, whether you skimmed through them or not, that you now have a decent idea what Just Cause 4 has to offer, correct? Well, if you want to know even more about the late 2018 due game, the devs have three videos for you to look over.

The first video is an E3 walkthrough, the second video is about the world of Solis, and the third video is about the Apex engine itself. You can view all three below thanks to Just Cause YouTube channel.


Som nævnt ovenfor, Just Cause 4 will release late this year. To be precise, the open-world action game will debut on December 4th, 2018. If you’re planning on picking this game up on said date, it will be available for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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