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1547980cookie-tjekE3 2018 er slut, hvad er dine overordnede tanker?

E3 2018 er slut, hvad er dine overordnede tanker?

Now that E3 2018 has ended, you can share your thoughts on the whole event. Was it a waste of time? Are there games you’re genuinely curious to see more of after the show? And what was the most cringe moment of the event? If you want, you can share your thoughts on the above questions right here.

Several big and small companies attended this year’s expo and revealed quite a bit of stuff. Now it’s up for debate if the stuff shown holds any merit or not, but there was a lot of stuff revealed at this E3.

On the topic of stuff being revealed, the first question is, whether you attended the show in person or watched it via a video stream, do you feel that E3 2018 was a waste of time or no?

The second question is, how much cringe do you feel surfaced during this press conference? Do you feel that this E3 contained less embarrassing moments or do you think that a lot of unnecessary stuff happened this time?

The third question is, what was/is the standout gameplay video or cinematic trailer that captured your attention? Whether the video is short or long, you can tell what video/trailer has you hyped.

As for the fourth question, what company won the entire E3 2018 event? If you want you can list multiple company exhibits, a list ranking best to worst (vice versa), or whatever you feel stole the show.

The fifth question revolves around what developer interview or briefing of a game was the best of E3 2018? If you don’t want to answer this question, you don’t have to.

Of course, if you want to, you can throw in other stuff that you might feel this questionnaire regarding E3 2018 might have left out, but nonetheless, what did you think of this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference?

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