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1547860cookie-tjekE3 2018: Greedfall Trailer løfter sløret for historie til 17th Century Alt-History RPG

E3 2018: Greedfall Trailer løfter sløret for historie til 17th Century Alt-History RPG

Unlike DICE and EA who keep trying to hammer home the “historical accuracy” facade for Slagmarken v, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive recognize that Greedfall isn’t trying to be historically accurate. The game is set during the 17th century, as many Europeans are fleeing from the region under the duress of plagues, famine, and violence, attempting to find refuge in the hands of unmolested lands.

Players will join a group of European settlers, mercenaries, militiamen and treasure hunters as they journey to a foreign island rich with natural resources, mystical powers, and hidden secrets. The trailer for the game sets up the premise as to why the Europeans are attempting to colonize the new land, and what sort of opposition they face from the violent, magic-wielding natives.

On the island of GreedFall, players will be able to choose how they conduct their business.

Meget gerne Spiders’ previous games, there’s a heavy focus on player choice. You’ll be able to choose how you interact with the natives, how you acquire riches, and whether or not you attempt to enact war or attempt to vie for peace.

We still haven’t seen actual gameplay of GreedFall yet, but we do know that there are multiple factions to interact with, and that the world evolves and changes based on the decisions you make throughout the course of the story.

Et interessant aspekt af GreedFall that stands out with the trailers is that so far we’ve seen the Baroque-inspired art-style with its autumn palette and warm color tones. According to the press release this isn’t just an artistic choice for the trailers, this is also how the game will be depicted during actual gameplay. Whether or not it manages to retain the visual captivation depicted in the trailers is a whole other story.

Du kan søge efter GreedFall to arrive in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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