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1547460cookie-tjekDragon Ball FighterZ tager til Nintendo Switch i 2018 med eksklusive funktioner

Dragon Ball FighterZ tager til Nintendo Switch i 2018 med eksklusive funktioner

Gamers literally begged Bandai Namco for it. All across social media, all across YouTube, all across comment sections on just about every single FGC website and enthusiast media site, Nintendonites literally begged for Dragon Ball FighterZ to appear on the Nintendo Switch. Well, your level 99 beggars skill was successfully applied because Bandai Namco has conceded and announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch later on in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

In what must have been one of the most cathartic announcements during Nintendo’s E3 Direct, Bandai Namco and Arc SystemWorks’ Dragon Ball FighterZ was put on display for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s running on the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4 that happens to be compatible with the Nintendo Switch, so apparently the optimizations for the game were put underway as soon as possible and now the game is coming to Nintendo’s little handheld that could.

During spring Nintendo kind of slacked off on big releases for the Switch, and we weren’t getting a lot of big announcements for the console just up until recently, so I can see why sales throughout the spring months kind of stalled, but it looks like things will pick back up now that a bevy of high-profile games are coming to the hybrid console later on in 2018.

Detaljer om Dragon Ball FighterZ has been sketchy but it appears all the characters, content and gameplay will make the leap from the other platforms to the Switch. The only thing I’m curious about is motion controls? Will they be present? It seems like the perfect opportunity to let people pull off specials using a motion-version of a kamehameha.

We do know that it will have exclusive features right out of the box, but Bandai and Arc System Works haven’t said what those features are yet. Perhaps we’ll learn more throughout E3?

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