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1549070cookie-tjekCard Sagas Wars, fan-lavet kampspil med populære spilkarakterer indstillet til at modtage offentlig bygning

Card Sagas Wars, fan-lavet kampspil med populære spilkarakterer indstillet til at modtage offentlig bygning

We only have two days left in the week, but either today or tomorrow a public build for the multi-character, multi-branded crossover fighting game, Kort Sagas Wars, will go live.

The head honcho over the project announced via Twitter that a public build is coming soon. The announcement actually went live on June 21st, 2018 just yesterday.

Yes, the game has been in development for the last seven years.

If you were a child when you first heard about it, you’re likely banging chicks and smoking weed in high-school. If you were a teenager when you first heard about it, then you’re already working 60 hours a week with an ungrateful wife and a brat for a kid while dealing with a mortgage and a crappy Korean sedan that keeps breaking down. And if you were already a grown-arse man when you first caught wind of the project back when it was first announced, then you’re probably already divorced, have bitter kids addicted to mobile phones, and you’re likely a MGTOW by now.

Anyway, the project is built on top of the M.U.G.E.N., engine and features a bunch of cool characters from different video game properties duking it out in a 2D fighting game featuring hand-drawn sprites. Many, many, many moons ago there used to be regular videos posted up capturing the progress of the project and giving you a look at some of the completed custom sprites based on popular characters from other well known brands.

You can check out some of the gameplay below courtesy of orkimides.

If you’re hoping for a completed version of the game, you need to stuff that hope in a closet like Elian Gonzales before he was chocking down the barrel of an MP5 like an actress on Blacked.

The Spanish pixel artists, Dani Oliver and Alberto Hernandez, will be firing and forgetting Kort Sagas Wars once they let loose the public version. As noted by Oliver, the duo haven’t been doing much work on the custom-made project and they’re aiming to find work that actually pays the bills.

So yeah, no more continuation of the project once it’s released.

We know that it features characters like Samus Aran from the Metroid series, along with Master Chief from glorie and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. All the sprite work is original and built from the ground up.

Given that it has its roots in M.U.G.E.N., don’t be surprised if some South American pixel artists take the project and finish up where Oliver and Hernandez left off.

We’ll keep you posted on when the link goes live so you can grab a copy of the fan-made project and pit some of your favorite RPG, platforming, and action-hero gaming icons against each other in some hardcore, pixelated 2D fighting fisticuffs.

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