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1511510cookie-tjekWulverblade, Celtic Hack-'Em-Up lanceres på Nintendo Switch

Wulverblade, Celtic Hack-'Em-Up lanceres på Nintendo Switch

Darkwind Media and Fully Illustrated recently announced that their hack-and-slash, co-op beat-’em-up, Wulverblade, has officially launched for the Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop.

The game puts you in control of the last remaining tribes of Britannia, fighting against the Roman invasion. You must hack, slash, kick, cut, and slice your way through eight different levels while taking out the 9th Legion.

Co-founder of Darkwind Media, Brian Johnstone, mentioned in the press release…

“Gamers who miss playing side-scrolling brawlers like those released in the ‘80s and early ‘90s will lose their heads over Wulverblade (pun intended). The game has that twitchy, instant gratification feel often associated with arcade classics – and it plays like a dream in co-op. What else could you ask for?”

If you need some convincing, there’s a launch trailer you can check out below, featuring some hack-and-slash gameplay.

Gameplay wise it’s quite similar to Castle Crashers but a lot less kiddish. I suppose you could compare it to Charlie Murder, which has a similar set of hardcore gameplay mechanics. You will sever body parts, kick people in the face and decapitate the interlopers. You’ll play as three different Viking warriors and there is also a cooperative mode present so you and a buddy can tackle the Roman soldiers together.

If you’re starved for hand-drawn beat-’em-up games on the Nintendo Switch, you can grab Wulverblade for $19.99. The game features eight different levels to complete, lots of gory combat, a matching soundtrack from the sound designers who worked on Wrath of the Titans og Den mørke rider rejser sig, and some unlockable features for those who enjoy games with organic replay value not attached to DLC or microtransactions.

Hvis du er interesseret i spillet, kan du lære mere ved at tjekke Nintendo eShop side. The game will be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch and will launch later for other consoles.

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