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1509810cookie-tjekTinyBuild Hellomods inviterer dig til at bygge mods til Hello Neighbor

TinyBuild Hellomods inviterer dig til at bygge mods til Hello Neighbor

Like to mod things? TinyBuild Games have launched HelloMods in a partnership with ModDB. The point behind all of this is to give you the ability to mod Hej nabo. Additionally, the dev team have released some of the source code for Beta 3 so you can add plugins to the main game and modify Hej nabo.

Moreover, you can build a brand new house, import new objects, animations or do whatever that comes to mind. It’s a full on modkit officially supported by Unreal Engine, which a competition is woven in and grants prize money depending on the significance of a mod.

“Attention modders, to celebrate the release of modding tools for the stealth horror title Hello Neighbor, Mod DB er gået sammen med tinyBuild to host the inaugural #hellomods competition, with plenty of sweet cash and games to be won if you can control your nerves.”

This information and the splash art below can be found over on Hej naboen Steam side og Mod DB page.

Hej nabo 5

There are rules that you must abide by, which can be seen right here for your knowledge.

HelloMods’ Rules

  • Your entry MUST be tagged with #hellomods and uploaded to the Hello Neighbor modding section or any billedgalleri.
  • Your entry MUST work with the most recent version of Hello Neighbor and the Hello Neighbor Dev Kit.
  • Your entry MUST be your own work, using models or art created by other people is not allowed without their explicit permission.
  • All content is allowed including fan inspired, but we shall adhere to any DMCA takedown requests and will remove content if requested by the copyright holder.
  • Your entry in the art category must be inspired by Hello Neighbor to be eligible.
  • No obscene or illegal content prohibited by our betingelser for brug tilladt.
  • You are allowed to participate with as many entries as you wish (they will be judged individually).
  • Any submissions received after the December 8th, 2017 18:00:00 -0500 deadline will be disqualified.
  • Judges from ModDB, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild will pick the winners judged on the merits of innovation, complexity and fun factor.
  • Winners in both categories will be announced on ModDB before December 29th, 2017 18:00:00 -0500.
  • Winners must be able to supply us with their email, home address & banking information within a week of finishing the contest, to be eligible to receive their prize.

If you want to read the full list of rules you can head on over to the regere sektion af Moddb.com that happens to be the seventh sign to your right when scrolling down.

Lastly, you can grab the dev kit and Unreal installer to get started on creating mods. However if you want to participate in the competition and win you must keep in mind that the mod(s) must hold innovation, complexity, creativity, fun factor, and playability, seeing that those traits will be determining factors regarding consideration.

More information on TinyBuild Games and Hej nabo kan findes over på helloneighborgame.com.

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