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1509510cookie-tjekSuper Mario Odyssey Gameplay-trailer afslører Dean Takahashi-tilstand og mere

Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay-trailer afslører Dean Takahashi-tilstand og mere

Are you a journalist? Do you have trouble trying to get past the tutorial segment in video games? Are video games just generally too hard for you? If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, Nintendo has your back with a new five minute long gameplay video showing Super Mario Odyssey and its new “Assist Mode”.

If we look back at games like Ghouls N’ Ghosts, Sword of Sodan, og Shadow of the Beast, modern day journalist would not stand a chance if they had to play named games without the help of assists from emulators. As ridiculous as those games may be, they all had a pattern that you could get past upon investing time and following it up with reaction time and skill.

As it stands now, most games don’t have you staying up really late trying to get past one segment like above games, most have a few parts that you might get stuck on, but they’re usually aided by plenty of checkpoints and aids. The only real game as of now that is truly punishing like those three aforementioned games is Cuphead. One journalist had a tough time even getting past the tutorial of Cuphead.

It seems that if you happen to be like a certain journalist, Nintendo has your back with Super Mario Odyssey new Assist Mode.

This Assist Mode features stuff like obvious directions to get to the end of a level, a bubble that helps you when missing platforms in an attempt to make platforming easy, and stands as a basic aid for those who have trouble and happen to be stuck on a specific part.

Both gameplay and “Mode Takahashi” or “Mode-T” can be seen right here courtesy of Super Mario Odyssey seneste Gameplay trailer.

The game looks fun, but at the same time I hope that the Assist Mode doesn’t cross its line and make Super Mario Odyssey overly easy; substituting formidable enemies and bosses to be little more than a trivial nuisance. But only time will tell how the actual game will be at release. The Nintendo Switch title is set for an October 27th, 2017, debut.

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