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1511990cookie-tjekStreet Fighter 5's Zeku er meget som Strider, ankommer den 24. oktober

Street Fighter 5's Zeku er meget som Strider, ankommer den 24. oktober

The charismatic chameleon of ninja combat is set to make his first appearance in Street Fighter V starting October 24th. Zeku is returning to the franchise after briefly appearing in Street Fighter Alpha 2 way back on the PSX and at arcades.

The mysterious ninjutsu master who has cornered the style of Bushinryu and helped train Street Fighter og Final Fight alum, Guy, is back to improve his own skills and start his own ninja group.

Capcom unleashed a new trailer featuring Zeku in action. He has a sweet jazzy theme playing in the back, giving prominence to the quick, sharp notes executed by a perfectly matching bamboo flute. You can check out the trailer below.

As for Zeku… he has a moveset that actually matches up nicely with his music. He has clean lines for his kicks – so much so that those lines can be used as short projectiles to create distance between him and his opponent.

When fighting in close, he can perform flip-kicks, throws, and technical air combos that seems to make him fight like a mix between M. Bison and Fei Long.

He can easily get the pop-up but it doesn’t look like Zeku will be an air-juggler. His alternate outfit makes him turn into what’s essentially Strider.

The comment section were quite impressed with Zeku’s moveset and they noted how similar he was in play-style to Strider Hiryu. His outfit is slightly different, but he’s practically Strider in all but name.

Zeku, overall, is a fairly technical character. He doesn’t have easy to pull off long-range projectiles, and the fact he has to get close to dish out damage means that he’s going to have a tough time against zoners.

You won’t have to wait long for Zeku to arrive in Street Fighter V. He’s due to drop next Tuesday on October 24th for PS4 and PC.

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