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1509390cookie-tjekSJW'er forsøger at starte kontrovers over JonTrons rolle i en hat i tide
Angry Assault

SJW'er forsøger at starte kontrovers over JonTrons rolle i en hat i tide

Polygon published an article on Oktober 5th, 2017 alongside the launch of Gears For Breakfast’s crowdfunded 3D platformer, A Hat in Time. The article instigates an attempt to whack blindly at the hornet’s nest with the goal of getting people riled up about JonTron having a bit part in the family-oriented adventure game.

Polygon was joined by various threads on NeoGaf also attempting to develop a call-to-action to get Gears For Breakfast to oust JonTron’s tiny part from the game, presumably via a post-launch patch since the game has already become available for Steam and on the Humble Store.

Polygon actually went the extra mile to goad the Humble Store into commenting about JonTron’s brief voice-over contribution to the game, but the Humble rep didn’t bite, responding with the following statement…

[…] “we exercise zero creative control on the games we support,”

Polygon didn’t give up, though. The outlet has been prodding Gears for Breakfast for a response, like a goony nerd constantly harassing a hot chick for her phone number and failing to get the hint that she only dates masculine men who shave their necks.

However, it didn’t stop various activists on Twitter from using the platform to get the word out about JonTron in an attempt to sucker punch Gears for Breakfast into responding…

NeoGaf and SJWs on Twitter weren’t satisfied with Gears for Breakfast’s silent response. The forum continued to rally an activist mindset amongst members, attempting to motivate forum goers into getting outraged at JonTron.

A mod had to wade into the masturbatory den of hate, clearly and concisely warn the mob of jackal-minded outrage artists away from lobbing insults at people over the fact that JonTron is still in A Hat in Time. The ModBot skrev...

“You’re allowed to boycott the game. You’re allowed to not boycott the game. You’re allowed to engage with people who explain their reasoning. You’re not allowed to yell at or impugn people because they don’t take the same position as you. You’re not allowed to throw personal insults.”

There have already been multiple threads that the mods had to lock down on NeoGaf due to the topic veering off into a punitive parade against the popular YouTuber.

This is all based on some things that JonTron said in the heat of the moment during a debate he had with another content creator on a live-stream earlier in 2017.

Social Justice Warriors felt that JonTron deserved to be punished for saying things they didn’t agree with during the debate; and media outlets and other social-media vultures floating around the SJW circles swooped in on the carcass of JonTron’s formerly fairly-clean reputation. The organized assault against his public character resulted in Team17 distancing themselves from JonTron, and thus they had JonTron’s bit part removed from Playtonic’s crowdfunded 3D platformer, Yooka-Laylee.

It appears these same individuals are now back at it again, hoping to get JonTron removed from En hat i tid now that it’s out and available, or warn people away from buying En hat i tid because the developers didn’t immediately remove him at the behest of agenda-driven media outlets and SJWs on NeoGaf.

Thankfully not everyone is getting behind the character-assassination buffet line to throw insults and career-defaming accusations at the YouTuber. Some gamers are level-headed enough to judge the game based on the merits of its design mechanics and playability.

Gears For Breakfast was wise to initially ignore Polygon’s request for a comment, and hopefully they just let this fade away and let the game stand up on the quality and integrity of the design. So far gamers actually seem to enjoy the whimsical 3D platformer, which was designed to hearken back to the days of GameCube platformers. After five years of development and running a Kickstarter campaign to get the game funded, I’m sure the developers are just happy that the game is out and available for the general public.

A Hate in Time er til rådighed lige nu over på den Steam butik for $ 29.99.

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