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1508260cookie-tjekProjektion: First Light, Papercraft Adventure kommer til Nintendo Switch i 2018

Projektion: First Light, Papercraft Adventure kommer til Nintendo Switch i 2018

Shadowplay Studios announced that their shadow puppetry puzzle game, Fremskrivning: Første Lys, is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and on Steam for PC starting in the second quarter of 2018.

The papercraft world plays host to an adventure featuring a young girl named Greta who must journey through various artfully recreated cultures from China, Indonesia, Turkey, and Greece. The game utilizes an art-style based on British puppetry.

Michael Chu, the founder of Shadowplay Studios, mentioned in the press release exactly what they were aiming to accomplish and how they wanted to do something different with light projection and shadows, saying…

“After toying with light manipulation at a game jam, we discovered the concept had a number of wonderful gameplay applications, which we hope to share with the gaming community along with the rich art and history behind shadow puppetry when Projection: First Light releases early next year.”

If the game seems a little hard for you to wrap your mind around with the limited scope of textually depicting the visual tapestry of Shadowplay’s vision, don’t sweat it because they released a trailer to help put into ocular context what words never could. Check it out below.

As you can see, there are literally marionette strings attached to the objects and characters, and they’re animated as if a puppeteer is just out of view, operating and controlling the action from below as if it were a stage play silhouetted from a light projector.

The game is about self-discovery through exploration.

Greta will meet and be accompanied by various heroes from different mythologies and cultures, aiding her in the journey across a shadow puppet world, where she’ll have to climb, run, outwit and survive various obstacles and challenges along the way.

You can look for the game to launch next year for Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. If this seems like a game you might be interested in, you can learn more by visiting the officiel hjemmeside.

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