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Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer hylder respektfuldt Gundam, Evangelion

Stillehavsområdet: Opstand is probably the closest we’ll get to a decent live-action Gundam movie within our lifetime. The movie features more Kaiju fighting — just like the first film — but there’s the added twist of some Jaeger on Jaeger action after some pilots apparently go rogue. So fans of Kaiju battles will have their appetites satiated, while fans of the popular Sunrise series will also have their entertainment desires whetted.

Scott Eastwood and John Boyega take up the mantle as the lead heroes this time around, manning the Gypsy Danger in place of Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi. The duo won’t just have to face off against monsters, though, they’ll also have to do a Mortal Kombat-style mirror match against an evil version of the Gypsy Danger. Check it out in the trailer below courtesy of Trailere til filmklip.

So a couple of things worth noting: First off, a lot of people do not like the rap remix of Ramin Djawadi and Tom Morello’s original Pacific Rim theme song. Maybe this means rap is finally going out of style?

Pacific Rim Uprising - Boyega Eastwood

Also, we find out that even though the trailer heavily features John Boyega, he will be partnered up in the cockpit with Scott Eastwood.

Additionally, Scott Eastwood at least doesn’t appear to be a bad guy since both he and Boyega are in the Gypsy Danger cockpit when the missile from the rogue Jaeger flies past them. So Eastwood at least won’t be the sacrificial, evil, straight-white-male trope that SJWs have been parading around on social media the last few years.

Pacific Rim Uprising - Rogue Missile

Unfortunately, if you were hoping that Eastwood would make it to the credits screen… I think you need to re-think your hopes and dreams for Stillehavsområdet: Opstand. He’s essentially second-fiddle to Boyega, and this is confirmed when we see him outside of the Gypsy Danger, bloodied and battered, standing amongst the rubble while swarms of monsters enclose in on him. Even though he fires his weapon in response, it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t survive the encounter against the towering Kaiju… unless some magical Deus Ex Machina comes into play to save his arse.

Pacific Rim Uprising - Scott Eastwood

And speaking of towering monsters… the movie obviously has a lot of references to both Gundam og Evangelion. The Jaeger designs definitely look a lot closer to the likes of the EVA units; most are lean and mean with a few that are kind of stocky and bulky.

Combat wise, however, the fighting and armament look very reminiscent to the choreography in Gundam, and there’s a lot more weapon-play this time around.

Pacific Rim Uprising - Jaeger Fight

Not everyone is liking the change, though. Some of the comments on the YouTube video felt the CGI looked worse than the original Pacific Rim, and others felt it was too bright and cartoonish looking. A few more seemed to despise the fact that the movie seems more like a Michael Bay flick than the more horror-themed elements that Guillermo del Toro introduced in the first flick.

Hopefully the diversity agenda doesn’t get too much in the way of the storytelling, and hopefully they avoid any major SJWism in the film.

Stillehavsområdet: Opstand is due out in 2018.

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