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Mike Laidlaw Senior kreativ direktør for BioWare Leaves

As it stands now it appears another key head of BioWare has departed from the company. This time it happens to be Senior Creative Director Mike Laidlaw. This move has sparked a lot of talk about the state of the company and what will come next now that Laidlaw is gone.

Fanger vind fra publikationssiden GameRant comes the news of BioWare’s Senior Creative Director Mike Laidlaw departing from said company. As you would expect this news has caused many forum boards to discuss whether BioWare will make it in the years to come or if it will fall like many other struggling companies under EA’s wing.

The reason behind the discussions of BioWare’s survival being brought up can be traced to the publication site shining light on BioWare losing several employees in key roles like dragon Age lead writer David Gaider (who departed the company early last year), and Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s lead writer who left BioWare for another company known as Bungie.

While one can argue that the same thing is happening with CD Projekt Red, the difference is that none of the Warsaw, L.A. or Krakow studios have closed down or been reduced to support roles like the BioWare Montreal studio, nor has CDPR faced a major brouhaha over any of its titles like Mass: Effect Andromeda. Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget that CDPR is a double-A studio that has no EA over it.

Moreover, the confirmation by Laidlaw detailing the act of leaving the company after 14 years was posted on Twitter, which explains his work on Jade Empire, Mass Effect og dragon Age som vist nedenfor.


I should point out that the publication site has no detailed information on why Laidlaw left BioWare after working with the company for such a very long time. However, the site points out that he isn’t likely to “spill the beans on BioWare’s internal dramas” anytime soon due to his plans to “reconnect” with the so-called “amazing” games created by his industry peers.

Lastly, the site quotes Laidlaw saying that “I have every confidence that the world we’ve created together is in good hands and I’m excited for the road ahead”. This has many thinking that the quality of the next dragon Age game will be on the line if not lower than another title by EA and BioWare that came out March of this year.

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