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1510430cookie-tjekJurassic World Evolution-trailer viser grafik i spillet, men springer gameplayet over

Jurassic World Evolution-trailer viser grafik i spillet, men springer gameplayet over

A new trailer for Frontier Developments’ Jurassic World Evolution highlights the in-engine assets and in-game graphics for the upcoming park management simulator. It’s been receiving a lot of praise and positive feedback from the gaming community for its visual impressiveness but sadly you won’t get to see any actual gameplay in the trailer itself.

Essentially it’s a showcase trailer for the game’s graphical features and the AI ecosystem populated by virtual dinosaurs. We see things like the different times of the day, the weather effects, and the conditions in which the dinosaurs inhabit the park. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of MovieAccessTrailers.

It’s hilarious that movie goers got peeved when they found out that it was a trailer for a game and not a movie. The butthurt is real.

Anyway, we see a variety of different dinosaur phenotypes and how they interact and react to the surroundings within the game. Different weather effects will affect visibility and some of the dinosaur behaviors, while day and night time cycles will give players some visually spectacular moments to devour.

Dinosaurs will sleep, eat, hunt and roam around your park based on how you design it. Unfortunately we don’t get to see how any of the management structures work within the gameplay environment, and instead we’re left waiting for more info.

On the upside, Frontier Develoeprs did reveal some tidbits about the structure of the gameplay types. According to PC Gamer there will be three different paths to follow, including Entertainment, Security, and Science.

Giving your park-goers plenty of entertainment will raise the appeal of the park, and obviously bring in more cash. The science allows you to increase your understanding and affability toward the dinosaurs, and security obviously allows you to better safeguard patrons.

There will also be crisis and disasters you’ll have to deal with, ranging from tropical storms, to security breaches, to dinosaurs going on a rampage. Depending on how well you adapt and deal with these disasters will determine how successful your park will ultimately become.

Jurassic World Evolution is due for release next summer for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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