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1508070cookie-tjekDestiny Chronicles, JRPG til pc, PS4, Nintendo Switch Heads To Kickstarter 4. oktober

Destiny Chronicles, JRPG til pc, PS4, Nintendo Switch Heads To Kickstarter 4. oktober

VisualNoveler's Destiny Chronicles is gearing up for its crowdfunding run on Kickstarter this week, starting October 4th. The character-driven story focuses on a young warrior in training named Celeste, who travels across the continent alongside some feisty companions named Valana and Ruby. The trio ends up stumbling upon a sinister plot that threatens the safety of their home in an attempt to retrieve an artifact that was stolen from them.

Along the way Celeste learns more about the history of the land, the ways of the world, as well as how to become a champion knight. This all kicks off after a thief steals an important artifact during Celeste’s initiation to become a knight. Hence, with a strong will and a head full of courage, the young knight-in-training ventures off to stop the thief and complete the training. However, things aren’t quite as they seem, and the fate of the world ends up hanging in the balance as more complex plots are unfolded and evil doers are exposed.

According to VisualNoveler, the game will have airy visuals accompanying fast-paced combat. We actually get to see the game in action ahead of the official Kickstarter promotional video thanks to a tweet with some pre-alpha gameplay footage attached. You can check it out below.

The action-RPG combat mechanics are accompanied by the ability to roll and dodge out of the way, giving the game a more hack-and-slash appeal than the typical turn-based mechanics some gamers might be accustomed to from more traditional JRPGs. You can check out the second pre-alpha demonstration video below.

The art for the game looks fantastic. The Taiwanese developers have really managed to capture the essence of Japanese character designs. In fact, if I hadn’t said they were Taiwanese you would probably assume it was a small Japanese indie studio working on Destiny Chronicles.

Destiny Chronicles - Celeste

Players will be able to fully customize Celeste’s combat abilities and fighting style, and engage in a main quest that takes players across various biomes throughout the continent. There will be three main characters who will develop and grow their friendship along the way, and it will be possible to upgrade their abilities and enhance their gear using magical relics you collect either by exploring the world or completing a wide range of side-quests scattered throughout the region.

You can keep track of the game by signing up for the newsletter over on the officiel Destiny Chronicles hjemmeside, or you can keep an eye out for the launch of the Kickstarter, which is due to go live starting October 4th.

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