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1508980cookie-tjekDestiny Chronicles, 3D Action-JRPG lander på Kickstarter til pc, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Destiny Chronicles, 3D Action-JRPG lander på Kickstarter til pc, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Visualnoveler announced that their fantasy action-JRPG called Destiny Chronicles has officially entered into the crowdfunding phase over on Kickstarter for an eventual release on PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The developers are seeking just under $40,000 to turn the game into a reality, and they have a month to gather the funds and reach their goal. They’re already off to a strong start, having accrued $13,000 as of the writing of this article, managing nearly 33% of the total goal in just under a day.

The game is an action-oriented adventure title that centers around the knight-in-training known as Celeste. During her trials to become a knight, a thief ends up interrupting the ceremony and stealing a precious artifact, thus spiraling her life out of control as she ventures outside of her home in order to retrieve the artifact. Along the way Celeste is joined by two other companions as they go along for the adventure.

Players will have to level-up Celeste, unlock new abilities, and track down the thief. The hook for the game, however, is that the artifact being stolen is just one small part of a much larger plot that could disrupt the entire world. You can check out the pitch video below to get an idea as to what the game is like.

Visualnoveler’s approach to the game is that while it’s a story about coming of age and features around good versus evil and the typical kawaii journey of self-discovery, it aims to also implement some of the newer mechanics from today’s generation of gaming. So instead of having traditional turn-based JRPG combat mechanics, the game actually utilizes real-time combat with a combo system and special skills.

You’ll also be able to customize Celeste’s abilities, honing and shaping her magic and combat attacks based on your preferred play-style.

While the game’s art-style is designed to be in 3D, Visualnoveler decided to go for a more bright and airy look for the characters. It’s not quite cel-shaded but it seems to lean more on the flat side of the lighting department, likely to accommodate the Nintendo Switch, which is one of the platforms it will be releasing on. You can also see what the models look like up close with the 3D fab preview below.

They’re planning on having a complete overworld with multiple locations to visit and various biomes to explore.

If you like what they have so far and you think that there’s a possibility for this to become the kind of game you might like to play, you can learn more about Destiny Chronicles ved at besøge Kickstarter side.

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