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1512220cookie-tjekBattlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC-pistoler kunne antyde Battlefield 2018-indstillingen

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides DLC-pistoler kunne antyde Battlefield 2018-indstillingen

There seems to be a lot of people excited for Battlefield 2018 and given previous titles hinting at future installments regarding weapons and other features via DLCs, we might just get a glimpse of Battlefield 2018 by looking over the latest weapons set to hit Battlefield 1's Turning Tides DLC.

Despite the practices that EA and DICE have been pulling lately with another shooter, people still seem to be intrigued with what the two have in store regarding the next Battlefield installment, and we just might get a glimpse through a new video as to what might be in the upcoming title.

The new video also shows up around the same time the devs started the “15 year countdown” that goes through all of the Battlefield games leading up to BF1, which could also double over as the game’s one year anniversary acknowledgement.

Do you know what else also happened last year (2016) around this time, too? The devs announced that the next BF game would not come out until 2018.

So fans have the Turning Tides DLC to investigate that will come out this year’s December, a count down of all Battlfield games in the series that is still going on (as of this writing), and a new video that covers six of the upcoming weapons that could potentially hint to BF 2018’s setting.

Speaking of the weapons, the six guns sit below for your viewing pleasure:

  • C96 Trench pistol conversion
  • M1912P16 automatic pistol
  • Farquhar-Hill rifle
  • Browning 1917 machine gun
  • Carcano rifle
  • Type 38 Arisaka rifle

The below video showing six of the upcoming Turning Tides weapons comes in courtesy of YouTuber Flakfire.

If you are still hard up for anything related to BF 2018, I’d suggest that you take note of what may seem suspicious or “subtly” normal and research it to see if it shows up in any other war, time period or conflict.

Moreover, not too long ago, an image on a DICE job listing featured a section with a soldier holding a weapon with the following text that reads:


The image, as seen below, also marks the one year anniversary time, so this image showing a U.S. veteran could hold substantial clues.

BF 2018 4

Hvis du er interesseret, Battlefield 1 s Turning Tides DLC is set to launch this December for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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