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1504700cookie-tjekHalf-Life: CAGED Single-Player Mod er nu tilgængelig til download

Half-Life: CAGED Single-Player Mod er nu tilgængelig til download

The partial conversion mod Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. has released on Steam for free. Gamers can grab a digital copy of the mod right now from developer Cayle George from over on the Steam app page.

The free mod was made in collaboration with Future Games Select, sporting a soundtrack made by the legendary synthwave artist Lazerhawk. The mod centers around attempting to escape from captivity in an industrial prison, and overthrow the militarized force keeping secrets deep beneath the surface.

There’s actually a launch trailer for the mod that was posted up recently over on YouTube. You can check it out below.

The trailer makes the mod look like it plays like some kind of a classic FPS title… well, I guess it should since it’s still based on the classic Halvt liv Source Engine.

Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. mod features a full single-player campaign, additional unlockable content, along with developer commentary.

The thing is, there’s nothing to lose. You can download the mod is only 400MB large, so you don’t even need a full gigabyte just to enjoy it.

It looks a lot more action-oriented than the typical puzzle-based gameplay present in the original Halvt liv, but if you’re in the mood to break out of prison with more of a bang like Flugtplan instead of a whimper like Lock Up.

Of course, the trailer reveals — along with the description page — that there are also plenty of platforming and exploration-style puzzles to overcome as well. So you’ll need to definitely put some time into doing more than just whipping out your pistol and laying it into the backside of some unsuspecting prison guard.

The mod is getting some good feedback so far, so if you still have Halvt liv and were interested in the project you can grab the free mod right now by hitting up the Steam app side.

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